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The First Restaurant to Accept ApeCoin

People who are craving some fast food might want to take a bite in Bored Ape’s newest venture in the restaurant industry. The non-fungible token collection based on the Ethereum network is debuting its very own burger joint—one of its many firsts that it wishes to accomplish while bearing the Bored Ape brand. 

The critically-acclaimed NFT project further explores the utility of NFTs. NFT or Ethereum coin holders can now buy themselves a burger with a side of fries and more in the NFT-themed restaurant. 

Bored & Hungry, Pioneering NFT Transactions in the Food Industry

The first Bored Ape-themed restaurant, Bored & Hungry, was founded by renowned food industry entrepreneur, Andy Nguyen, together with Kevin Seo and other members of the Bored Ape Community. The project will operate as a 90-day pop-up restaurant based on the token Bored Ape #6184.

The well-known NFT collection partnered with local Miami burger joint, Trills Burgers, and Belief Burgers. The food enterprise project refers to itself as a “smash burger-themed concept, and customers can buy food using Ethereum or ApeCoin”—the NFT project’s utility coin.   

Bored & Hungry’s official Twitter page @BoredNHngry currently has over 10,000 followers. It operates from Sunday to Thursday between 11 am to 8 pm, and from Friday to Saturday between 11 am to 9 pm.

The grand opening was well-received much to the curiosity of onlookers who wish to know more about this unique, crypto-related dining concept. In a reshared tweet by the page, it says:

“@BoredNHngry is the world’s first @BoredApeYC restaurant. Owner @andythenguyen wants to show that NFTs are more than “just a JPEG” and can be used to create brands/businesses.”

About Bored Ape

Bored Ape Yacht Club or more known as “BAYC” is one of the biggest names in a sea of NFT projects in recent years. It has become the apple of the eye of many collectors and has even A-list celebrities jumping on the Ape bandwagon. Personalities like Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, Stephen Curry, and Paris Hilton, were reported to own a token from this collection.

The limited collection of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs is stored in the Ethereum blockchain. A token holder is granted exclusive benefits within the Bored Ape metaverse. Some of them include access to THE BATHROOM, a collaborative graffiti board, alongside members-only areas and perks unlocked via its roadmap activation.

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts 

The team behind Bored & Hungry is currently breaking the stigma surrounding NFTs and digital currencies. We think that this novel idea is beneficial in revolutionizing the sector and bringing NFTs and cryptocurrencies to the fore. We see this project as a springboard for others to follow suit, similar to the plans earlier envisioned by FriesDAO.

Fred Pineda

Fred is a writer who has a deep passion for film and tech. If he’s not busy keeping himself abreast with the latest in the metaverse, you’ll see him bingeing the classics in his free time.

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