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SFC Warns Public against Unlicensed Virtual Asset Trading Platform Bybit

In a decisive move to tighten its regulatory grip on the cryptocurrency market, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has placed Bybit, a prominent crypto trading platform, on its alert list, flagging it as “suspicious.”

This action by the SFC is a clear signal of the regulator’s intent to pursue stringent oversight within its jurisdiction.

Bybit, which has been operating without a license in Hong Kong, now finds itself under increased scrutiny, with the SFC highlighting a series of its investment products as unlicensed and potentially risky for investors.

SFC’s warning covers a range of Bybit’s offerings, including futures contracts, options, leveraged tokens, and various wealth management services.

This alert is a caution to investors about the potential dangers of engaging with unlicensed entities, emphasizing the risk of total investment loss.

Furthermore, the SFC’s stance is unequivocal: it will not hesitate to take enforcement action against unauthorized cryptocurrency activities.

Finally, Bybit’s regulatory challenges are not confined to Hong Kong. The crypto platform similarly faces legal hurdles in the United States, where strict regulatory laws prohibit its operation.

However, Bybit asserts that it actively cooperates with regulators globally and adheres to industry best practices to ensure compliance with regional regulations.

Despite these assurances, the SFC’s concerns remain, particularly regarding the availability of Bybit’s offerings to investors within Hong Kong.

The timing of the SFC’s action coincides with Bybit’s ongoing efforts to secure a virtual asset trading platform license through Spark Fintech, one of its entities in Hong Kong.

The outcome of this application will be pivotal in determining Bybit’s legal standing within the jurisdiction.

As the SFC intensifies its scrutiny, the distinction between Bybit’s global operations and its Hong Kong-specific entity becomes increasingly significant.

According to an official publishing by the SFC;

“The SFC cautions investors against investing with unlicensed entities. Investors may risk losing their entire investment made with an unlicensed entity if it ceases operation, collapses or otherwise suffers from any misappropriation of assets.

Seeking recourse against entities that do not have a nexus with Hong Kong is likely to be difficult and legal remedies may not be available.

Last but not least, the SFC will not hesitate to take enforcement action against unlicensed activities where appropriate.”

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