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First Ever Superyacht NFT Sold [$12m Pricetag]

From expensive artworks such as the Justin Aversano NFT collection and the infamous Bansky black & white print set on fire and turned into NFT, a new luxury item has made its way to the blockchain space selling over US$12 million in value.

The NFT yacht-oriented company, Cloud Yachts, has made waves for this latest sale as the world’s first NFT superyacht sold on the Ethereum blockchain. But is this sale worth all the hype in a sea of ludicrous NFT auctions that has happened in recent years? The gmBlockchain team is here to find out.

Cloud Yachts and the US$12-million superyacht’s features

The yacht NFT in question is featured from a collection by yacht design firm Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd. The company worked in collaboration with Cloud Yachts, which you can view from its OpenSea page.  

The idea came as a result of Marshall and Cloud Yachts’ partnership aiming to join two different worlds, NFTs and yachts, and create custom superyachts for interested clients. 

The company further details the collection on its website stating, “Award-winning naval architect Gregory Marshall is pioneering the world’s first NFT superyacht new build project. The client will customize their superyacht in the metaverse using the first-of-its-kind augmented reality technology.”

The NFT superyacht is priced at a whopping US$95 million with Seattle-based Delta Marine at the helm of its production. Marshall’s previous NFT superyacht minted from OpenSea was a 110-footer. There are plans for the luxury sailboat to be built within three years by the Canadian company, Tactical Custom Boats, pegged at a staggering US12 million. 

Cloud Yachts was founded by San Francisco-based intellectual property management expert Zach Mandelstein. At present, the luxury yacht-oriented NFT firm has four collections in its portfolio featuring the non-fungible digital boat designs of Bannenberg & Rowell, David Weiss, Marco Casali, and Gregory Marshall.

The NFT superyacht’s owner

Little is known about the newest owner’s identity other than he is an anonymous businessman hailing from Texas, USA. In a reported statement, the unnamed businessman says, “We like the idea of pioneering a new process. The NFT could prove “useful in ways I have never imagined—like having all the data from my vessel at my fingertips. It will be a real adventure.” 

The Hull Number Two NFT will be featured in late March of 2021 at the Palm Beach International Boat Show. Some of the perks for the NFT owners include VIP access to exclusive events (superyacht shows and parties), and various world-class benefits across different sectors made possible by the company’s multiple partnerships with different brands, according to Lifestyle Asia. 

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts

The latest auction speaks volumes about how powerful NFTs have become. Through time, we’ll see more of these luxury items hit the crypto shores. Only time will tell how swift this transition would be and if this would be warmly regarded by the market. 


Adrina is a fitness and tech enthusiast currently exploring the wonders of blockchain development and NFTs. Between covering tech stories and the latest NFT drops, she enjoys working on her CrossFit journey.

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