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What is Killer GF NFT? [All You Need to Know 2023]

Want to know more about the Killer GF NFT assets that everyone has been raving about recently? You’re in luck because the gmBlockchain team is here to deliver to you all the latest NFT and Ethereum news to keep you in the loop. These cutesy “killer” anime-inspired artworks by the artist, Zeronis, are under the spotlight for today’s entry.

As the release date has been launched and all 7,777 tokens have been created for holders, we’re just in time to keep you informed about what the project is about and if it’s worth adding to your growing NFT collection or portfolio? Curious to find out more? Continue scrolling below!

About Killer GF NFT

Killer GF avatar

Killer GF is a 7,777 collection of aesthetically appealing girlfriends that also happen to be dangerous assassins. This collection by a former Riot Game Artist, Zeronis, with over 240 meticulously designed features that contrasts cute and aesthetically fierce-looking avatars, has gained fans worldwide and has 4,300 holders as of this writing.

The mint price from its release date was ETH 0.08 but increased in value at ETH 0.469. The public sale date was January 24, with the Ethereum blockchain storing these tokens. The artist created Killer GF avatars with the anime style attracting the Otaku crowd. Part of the sale created from the NFT project is donated to charity as agreed by the KGF community.

Killer GF NFT Roadmap

The Killer Girlfriend project has seven levels within the roadmap for the entire community. Level 1 involves charity wherein ETH 5 worth of donations will be given to a charity chosen by the community and the artist. Level 2 will include 10 KGF giveaways from the artist himself. Meanwhile, for Level 3, the artist will give away old artwork minted and transferred to lucky holders.

Level 4 will feature an artist airdrop streamed live at the Discord server, with Level 5 showing a 3 Killer GF limited edition promo artwork raffle for lucky holders within the community. Level 6 gives holders a chance to own merch apparel. Level 7 will showcase a metaverse project filled with voxel versions of playable Killer GF characters in the Sandbox.

Killer GF Utility?

As with any NFT projects such as World of Women NFT and Fidenza NFT, the Killer GF tokens are not just mere crypto art tokens up for grabs. Holders may get a stake in the community and access many exciting features and perks. Token holders can win exclusive prizes and get merch alongside limited edition physical items such as artworks and wearables.

The artist also mentioned that proceeds from the sale would be split and shared with a charity chosen by the community. The community may also expect an exciting metaverse to open up with a voxel version of these cute and aesthetically appealing characters playable within the Sandbox Metaverse.

The Creators of Killer GF

The artist featured for this project is Zeronis, a concept artist who worked as a Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games for more than ten years. Most of his work features anime-inspired digital artwork. He also has successfully-designed skins for Star Guardian, K/DA, and many more.

As a prominent NFT artist, he is exploring Web3 projects in the crypto space. Zeronis is joined by six other team members going under different aliases, such as “Kiwi” (developer), Swag (community manager), Chase Manning (developer), “Desto” (social media manager), Morello (advisor), and TylerTakesATrip (assistant community manager).

When to Mint Killer GF NFT?

The artist’s minting for the KGF tokens already ended the public minting on January 24, 2022. The initial mint price was set at ETH 0.08, with the Killer girlfriends trading at a volume price of ETH 20,500 or currently around US$51 million. Holders must own a digital wallet to buy and mint these tokens.

Where to Buy Killer GF?

You can buy your KGF NFT digital asset at one of the largest NFT marketplaces online, OpenSea. There are 7,777 generative portrait art collection tokens by a former Riot Games Artist, Zeronis. Tokens you can bid and auction on this website. Its current floor price is at about ETH 0.469 or US$1187.53.

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts

I’m sure you’ll agree with us that the artist behind Killer GF created something special for both anime fans and digital asset collectors alike. We’re impressed with its charity aspect, and we think it’s amazing what they’re doing to give back to the community. You can follow more about the artist and his work at Killer GF NFT’s official Twitter account.


Adrina is a fitness and tech enthusiast currently exploring the wonders of blockchain development and NFTs. Between covering tech stories and the latest NFT drops, she enjoys working on her CrossFit journey.

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