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What is a KID called BEAST? [All You Need to Know 2023]

Despite its young age, A KID called Beast has gathered a huge audience on Twitter of more than 100,000 people who are incredibly enthusiastic and involved.

Already by early January 2023, AKCB had attracted more than 24,000 people, a record number for an NFT startup.

In this article, we’ll take an insider look at the NFT project and what makes it stand out.

About a KID called BEAST

a KID called BEAST is an augmented reality Digital Collectible project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain to bridge physical and digital culture through art, fashion, music, and technology.

It is a collection of 10,000 masked character NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

It’s augmented reality utility has made it one of the top NFT collections in 2023. The augmented reality feature allows you to enhance the visualization of the NFT profile with stunning graphics, 3D animation, and sound effects.

a KID called BEAST Roadmap

The roadmap for the collection as predicted by many sources is as follows:

  • A high-end brand of merch with special releases and priority access for NFT owners.
  • A DASHBOARD that lets collectors access their NFTs and talk to the team and other holders.
  • More augmented reality features and new features for NFT holders.
  • Competitions, a private chat room, and a DAO for each BEASTHOOD.
  • Physical stores in big cities and trade shows at different events.
  • A launching pad for talents in NFT and other creative fields.

a KID called BEAST NFT Utility?

The utility of a KID called BEAST NFT is not only to own a unique digital artwork, but also to access various benefits and rewards, such as exclusive events, airdrops, partnerships, collaborations, and more

Each NFT also represents a membership to a specific beasthood, portraying different personal strengths and personality traits.

  • Project users can quickly and easily exchange tokens using DeFi’s internal crypto swap.
  • The augmented reality feature allows you to enhance the visualization of the NFT profile with stunning graphics, 3D animation, and sound effects.
  • Motivating incentive system: competitions, giveaways, raffles (some of the collectible tokens, by community decision, remain in reserve intended for future raffles and partnerships.
  • Each BEASTHOOD, as well as the project as a whole, has a DAO structure where all decisions are made together.
  • Holders are given priority real-world access to branded products like clothing, toys, accessories, music, creative consumables, and promotional items.
  • AKCB NFT holders are also supported when creating their merchandise using intellectual property.

The Creators of a KID called BEAST

Behind this utility-heavy project is their lead artist/co-founder, Jaime Alvarez, who has worked on art directly for Nike, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, and Sony.

AKCB was launched in December 2022 by four co-founders who prefer to keep their true names secret:

Rafsby @Rafsby – marketing & strategy;
Caleb Smiler @calebsmiler – creative & operations;
Krad @CryptoKrad – marketing & relations;
Nick @nwhite89 – development.

The creators of the project chose anonymity, and they are known by these characters.

Today, the AKCB team has 20 people, including Jaime Alvarez (known as Mr Kat @MeowMrkat), the lead artist of the project.

When to Mint a KID called BEAST?

The minting of a KID called BEAST started on January 15, 2023, and ended on January 18, 2023.

The minting price was 0.08 ETH per NFT, with a limit of 20 NFTs per transaction. Currently, it has a mint price of 0.25ETH and only 3% of the collection is listed for sale on secondary marketplaces.

Where to Buy a KID called BEAST?

If you missed the minting of a KID called BEAST, you can still buy one from the secondary market on OpenSea where you can browse, bid, and offer on the available NFTs.

You can also check the latest prices, sales, and statistics of the collection on other marketplaces such as:

Rarible, OKX, Coinbase NFT and Blur NFT Marketplace.

As the time of writing, it has a total trading volume of 20,817 ETH with 34% unique owners.

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts

Official link: Website, X, Discord, Instagram.

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