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What is CyberKongz NFT? [All You Need to Know 2023]

CyberKongz NFT is probably some of the most interesting NFT projects to have hit the crypto space in recent years. CyberKongz is shaping up to be a viable addition to any NFT collector’s portfolio with an elaborate token structure and exciting collaborations and features in the pipeline.

But before you load up your crypto wallet and convert your cash into precious Ethereum coins, is having a CyberKongz token indeed worth it? We at the gmBlockchain headquarters cracked our knuckles and started researching to find out more about these digital simian creatures. Continue scrolling down to find out more.

About CyberKongz NFT

A CyberKongz avatar

CyberKongz was first conceptualized by a digital artist called “Myoo,” with over 1,000 randomly generated and distinctly unique tokens. The NFT collection received great success despite little to no pre-release or advertising campaign, other than organic engagement from fans and collectors who discovered the mint on OpenSea. 

CyberKongz grew in number through time, birthing more releases such as introducing the $BANANA token—the currency used within the ecosystem to transact and yield rewards. Other projects have also been released, such as “Baby Kongz,” which allows users to breed their avatars, and CyberKongz VX, further expanding the franchise by introducing immersive metaverse environments. Check out their about page to get more info about their offerings.

CyberKongz NFT Roadmap

As illustrated in CyberKongz’s official website, there are four levels within the Kongz metaverse that the team is currently working on.

Level One – marks CyberKongz VX’s launch, allowing token players to have a custom playable metaverse avatar. Through its partnership with The Sandbox, the integration of playable avatars would be made possible as the gamification of the NFTs is in the works.

Level Two – The Banana Shop is CyberKongz’s merch store. Once officially launched, players can buy custom CyberKongz VX equipment and wearables to give their avatars additional playability and style.

Level Three – The Sandbox shall serve as CyberKongz’s official gaming and social space.

Level Four – Kongz Utility Expansion allows users to access guilds and enter different realms.

CyberKongz Utility?

The CyberKongz NFT features 3 NFT collections with varying utilities. The Genesis CyberKongz (the original drop) are social avatars and unlock exclusive channels in the CyberKongz Discord channel. These genesis tokens can also be bred and earn 10 $BANANA, an in-game currency within the CyberKongz ecosystem that would help you buy items, upgrades, and so much more.

Next, there are the Baby Kongz and CyberKongz VX.  Baby Kongz are produced by breeding two Genesis Kongz and 600 $BANANA to achieve this. A Baby Kongz avatar can unlock exclusive channels within the server. CyberKongz VX, meanwhile, is created in the form of 3D voxel-based characters which can be used to interact in online metaverse environments.

The Creators of CyberKongz

Most NFT creators, such as highly successful ones (think PUNKS Comic NFT), live anonymously, so you won’t get much information about them other than their alter egos found on the Internet. The same could be said for CyberKongz’s creator, who goes under the alias, Myoo. 

You’ll find little detail regarding the artist and crypto project creator behind CyberKongz. However, you’ll discover that an advisory council, known as the “Council of Kongz,” makes a good representation of the mix of personalities of the players within the metaverse project—all of which have distinct traits and rarities. The council comprises ten anonymous members, with Myoo being one of them. 

When to Mint CyberKongz NFT?

Upcoming collectors should know that the minting for CyberKongz tokens has already passed. However, it should be noted that they can be purchased or traded in OpenSea and that many sequel drops have happened within 2021. The Ethereum-stored tokens can only be bought if you have a crypto wallet. 

Where to Buy CyberKongz?

Like how NFT projects such as Azuki NFT are made, you can avail CyberKongz tokens in an open trading space like OpenSea. It’s the largest NFT marketplace home to highly prized NFT collections as well as up-and-coming ones released later this year. Right now, its current floor price averages around ETH 9.77 or US$30496.86.

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts

The team behind CyberKongz is doing their best in providing more value to the token than just a sparkly, digital collectible. We believe this will bring a promising future, especially to token owners. If you’re interested to know more about CyberKongz NFT’s value, drop by their Discord server or Twitter page to find out more.

Fred Pineda

Fred is a writer who has a deep passion for film and tech. If he’s not busy keeping himself abreast with the latest in the metaverse, you’ll see him bingeing the classics in his free time.

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