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Ethereum Mystery: Vitalik Buterin in Hot Water Over Big Money Disappearance

Vitalik Buterin, the brains behind the popular Ethereum blockchain, is in hot water. Accusations are swirling that he and the Ethereum Foundation might be linked to the infamous $450 million Gatecoin hack of 2016.

The drama started with online sleuths digging into blockchain records, claiming to find suspicious connections between the stolen funds and Ethereum addresses.

This sparked alarm, and a whistleblower from the Ethereum Foundation added fuel to the fire with his own allegations. Soon, journalists joined the fray, demanding answers from Buterin.

Buterin hasn’t said anything on the subject, despite a popular investigator and analyst allegedly sending him private dms and emails requesting more clarity on the matter.

“Since you don’t want to answer my questions @VitalikButerin I assume, that your lack of reply is the equivalent of “No comment”. Not a good sign you’re speaking on soup when there is blockchain evidence of the Ethereum Foundation being potentially linked to the €450 million Gatecoin hack.

You’ve also read the message I sent you on WhatsApp, so not replying is a choice you have made. Maybe, you should revise your priorities.


Your old friend Changpeng Zhao used to tell us “4” whenever we investigated and asked him questions. Maybe, in hindsight, he was right because that’s partly the price he has to pay today for his serious crimes: $4 billion.”

However, the questions persist. Some wonder if the complex world of cryptocurrency transactions allowed for hidden connections to slip through the cracks.

Others worry about the potential stain on Ethereum’s reputation, which was aiming to revolutionize finance but now facing the specter of scandal.

The plot thickens with each passing day. Authorities delve deeper into the shadows, their investigation meticulously combing through evidence.

Will new revelations surface, solidifying the accusations or exonerating Vitalik? The stakes are high. Not just for Vitalik’s reputation, but for the very future of Ethereum itself.

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