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Zeebu Soares Past 1 Billion In Transaction Volume

Dubai-based Zeebu has reached a significant milestone, processing over $1 billion in settlement transactions within the first quarter of 2024.

This remarkable feat underscores Zeebu’s rapid ascent as a leading force in the web3 payments landscape, particularly within the telecom carrier industry.

Zeebu’s journey to this milestone began with its alpha trials, which saw an impressive half a billion dollars processed in transactions.

The subsequent launch of its PSP version 4.0 product update introduced governance enhancements and new platform capabilities, propelling Zeebu from settling nearly 5,000 invoices totaling over $500 million to surpassing the $1 billion threshold.

This swift progression not only marks a new era of scalability and efficiency for Zeebu but also establishes the company as a global frontrunner in blockchain-based telecom settlements.

At the heart of Zeebu’s offerings is the ZBU Token, designed to facilitate global transactions and reward its holders for every transaction recorded on its system.

Zeebu’s approach has also transformed the settlement process, reducing invoice settlement times from the industry standard of 7-15 days to a mere 3-7 minutes.

With hundreds of telecom carriers and businesses now leveraging Zeebu’s audacious network, the platform is set for continued growth and deeper market penetration.

About Zeebu

Zeebu is a pioneering company that has established itself as the world’s first on-chain invoice settlement platform tailored for the Telecom Carrier industry.

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Dubai, Zeebu is at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to streamline the settlement process for telecom carriers.

With the creative ZBU Loyalty token, Zeebu incentivizes and rewards carriers for successful invoice settlements, enhancing efficiency and transparency in the telecom sector.

You can learn more about Zeebu by reading their Whitepaper, available here.

Other official links to their social media handles can be visited using these links: YouTube, Telegram, LinkedIn, LinkTree

Deebu via Accesswire

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