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Solana Network Outage Traced to a Known Bug That Triggered an Infinite Loop

On February 6th, 2024, the Solana blockchain ground to a halt for a concerning five hours. Transactions froze, applications sputtered, and users were left wondering what had caused this major network disruption.

The answer revealed in a post-mortem analysis by Solana Labs, was a sobering one: an “infinite loop” bug, previously identified on the testing network (devnet), had somehow slipped through the cracks and infiltrated the mainnet.

This wasn’t just any bug. An infinite loop, as the name suggests, creates a never-ending cycle within a program’s code, consuming resources and effectively halting its operation.

The report from Solana explained that the bug was triggered by a “deploy-evict-request cycle of a legacy loader program”, which resulted in an infinite recompile loop in the JIT cache.

This loop consumed all the resources of the validators, preventing them from processing any new transactions or blocks.

The report also stated that the bug had multiple triggers and that the developers had only deployed a fix for one of them when the outage occurred.

But the story doesn’t end there. The post-mortem revealed a more troubling detail: the bug wasn’t entirely new.

A similar issue had been identified on the devnet, Solana’s testing environment, just a week before the mainnet outage.

While a fix was implemented for one potential trigger, another, unforeseen trigger remained lurking. This hidden culprit ultimately caused real-world disruption.

This raises critical questions about Solana’s development and testing processes. How could a bug identified on the devnet find its way onto the mainnet, causing a significant outage?

Were the testing procedures robust enough to catch all potential issues? And what steps are being taken to prevent similar incidents from happening again?

Solana is one of the most popular and promising web3 platforms, boasting over 1,000 transactions per second, sub-second finality, and low fees.

However, Solana is not immune to technical challenges and growing pains, as evidenced by its frequent outages in the past.

According to CryptoManiaks, Solana has experienced nine outages since September 2021, with over 150 hours of downtime.

Despite the outages, Solana has maintained its popularity and reputation in the web3 space, attracting many users, developers, and investors.

What do you think of Solana’s network outage and its post-mortem report?


Victor Chijoke

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