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MoMA Postcard Brings Mail Art and NFTs Together in a Global Community Project

Mail art, the artistic movement that involves sending small-scale works through the postal service, has found a new expression in the digital age.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has launched a global community project called MoMA Postcard, which invites anyone to collaborate, learn, and experiment with web3 technologies and create non-fungible tokens NFTs.

MoMA Postcard is an experiment in collective creativity on blockchain for participants to design and send digital postcards that are composed of 15 blank stamps, each of which can be filled with pixel art using MoMA’s color palette.

Each stamp is recorded to the blockchain as an NFT and can be sent to anyone via any messaging platform, creating a digital chain letter that requires collective action.

The NFT project is a chance to experiment with NFTs and blockchain technology in an approachable way, as well as to inspire meaningful connection and expression among people.

As MoMA states, “What will you create with MoMA Postcard?”

MoMA, New York
MoMA, New York

Supported by Bitmark, the postcard is available online and can be accessed by downloading the Autonomy app and following the instructions.

The project also features a bulletin that shows real-time updates on stamps and postcards being created around the globe.

MoMA Postcard is not the first initiative that explores the intersection of mail art and NFTs.

In 2020, the artist and curator, Sean Moss-Pultz launched Postcards from the Future, a series of NFTs that depict post-apocalyptic scenarios and are sent to random recipients via email.

Sean Moss-Pultz planned to use these NFTs as a platform to raise awareness and provoke discussion about the environmental and social challenges facing humanity.

MoMA Postcard is a global community project. An experiment in collective creativity on blockchain, it invites anyone to collaborate, learn, and experiment with web3 technologies.

Visit the MoMA Postcard bulletin below for real-time updates on stamps and postcards being created around the globe!

Have any questions, visit the MoMA Postcard website to learn more, including how to design and send a postcard.

Victor Chijoke

Passionate about blockchain, and the decentralized internet. A writer in the morning, goalie in the evening. The aim is to keep my readers informed about the ever-evolving world of web3 with a unique blend of expertise and storytelling.

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