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Absolute Labs, the Web3 CRM Leader, Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

Absolute Labs, the Web3 CRM, and marketing platform has announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, providing thousands of businesses with the first Wallet Relationship Management™ (WRM™) platform.

About Absolute Labs

Absolute Labs is a platform that allows users to collect and trade digital cards featuring real and fictional customers, products, and brands and use them to create and execute marketing campaigns.

The platform also leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and fairness.

One of the most innovative features of is its DePIN device called Sol Connect, which connects to users’ wallets and sends token rewards to their game accounts based on their marketing behavior and performance.

Sol Connect is also a major contributor to global carbon footprint reduction efforts by rewarding users for marketing eco-friendly.

Absolute Labs has partnered with Google Cloud to help brands accelerate their Web3 strategies and generate new revenue streams with access to 700+ million wallet prospects and customers

Utilizing Absolute Labs’ Web3 CRM products, marketers can be able to view and read essential Web3 statistics, unify Web2 and Web3 data, and automate cross-channel initiatives.

The platform orchestrates wallet-first campaigns with integrated wallet messaging and airdropping as well as email, Discord, Twitter, push, and SMS.

Samir Addamine, Absolute Labs’ CEO and co-founder, said in a press release:

“Having Google Cloud as a partner and being included in the Google Cloud Marketplace validates that leading companies are recognizing Web3’s increasingly pivotal role in building and executing their marketing strategies, while significantly advancing our mission to accelerate Web3 adoption.”

“We’re excited to be a vetted partner on Google Cloud Marketplace so that its users can easily integrate the solution and quickly realize its contribution to revenue growth, improved customer retention, new loyalty paradigms, and more.”

For marketers, it opens an entirely new “playbook” for achieving their acquisition, conversion, and retention objectives – from “top of the funnel” strategies and tactics to optimizing lifetime value.

Absolute Labs WRM can be instrumental every step of the way if utilized properly in marketing strategies.

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