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What is y00ts? [All You Need to Know 2023]

From the same team that brought you the DeGods, here comes another collection with the same aesthetics, hype, and utility but a little difference in enhanced security.

Curious about the DeGods NFT collection as well as y00ts?

Look only as far as our comprehensive guide talking about the details you need to know about both collections by DeLabs

If you’re an enthusiast of checking out new opportunities, y00ts NFT might just be the next big thing to catch your attention.

About y00ts

y00ts is a generative art project of 15,000 NFTs that are randomly created from over 200 traits.

Originally meant to be called Duppies, on the 30th of July, 2022, the name of the 15,000 NFT collection was changed after numerous hacks into the system.

Released as a follower to DeGods, it offers a similar utility and community as that of the DeGods NFT collection

With more focus on intellectual rights and better ownership, the y00ts project is setting a new standard for NFT projects.

y00ts Roadmap

The roadmap of y00ts is divided into four phases: Genesis, Expansion, Exploration, and Revolution. Each phase has different milestones and goals that will unlock new features and rewards for the y00ts community.

Other than that, the team at De Labs has specifically stated that “Roadmaps are stupid. This website is our version of a roadmap.

It shows they believe that roadmaps are too rigid and that they can’t be changed as the project evolves. Nowadays, NFT communities prefer to be flexible and to be able to change their plans as needed.

It is also a way for the community to provide feedback and to help shape the future of y00ts.

y00ts NFT Utility?

The utility of y00ts NFTs is not only based on their rarity and aesthetics but also on their ability to grant access to the y00topia ecosystem

The real value of owning a y00t is not because it was created by the same team that created DeGods, but rather because of the way the y00t’s intellectual property (IP) will be structured.

When users buy a y00t, they will be granted a license to use the y00t’s IP. This license will allow the user to create derivative works based on the y00t, such as NFTs, games, and merchandise. The user will also be able to use the y00t’s IP for commercial purposes.

The y00t’s creator will hold the copyright for each y00t. However, the creator will grant users a non-exclusive license to use the y00t’s IP. This means that the creator will still be able to use the y00t’s IP for their own purposes, but they will not be able to prevent other users from using the y00t’s IP.

The Creators of y00ts NFT

Created and designed by NFT artist Rohun Vora, the team is led by the same ownership at DeGods, Frank.

Only known by his pseudonyms online, Frank and his team at DeGods seemingly have a hand in the Y00ts project as well.

According to the bio on their marketplace, the NFTs were designed by De Labs in Los Angeles, CA, one of the best NFT creation agencies in the NFT space.

As the same creators as the DeGods NFT, the creators of y00ts place the collection as a continuation of what they offer to their community.

Although there is no information about the creators on their website, they have a huge following online and they all have an already established presence.

When to Mint y00ts?

The minting of y00ts started on September 5, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. ET.

The minting price was 0.079 ETH per y00t, with a maximum of 20 y00ts per transaction. The minting process was smooth and fast, thanks to the use of the Polygon network.

The minting sold out in less than an hour, with over 15,000 y00ts minted by more than 4,000 users.

Where to Buy y00ts NFT?

y00ts NFT can be bought on various marketplaces. To begin, y00ts can be found for sale on secondary marketplaces such as Opensea or Solsea.

With a floor price of 0.709 ETH and a trading volume of 690 ETH, the collection only has 3% of its total supply listed for sale on secondary marketplaces.

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts

After the y00ts were hacked before they were first launched as Duppies, the interest in the collection saw an exponential increase from the NFT community.

This is just one indication that both collections by De Labs indeed have a lot of prospects and are worth going for during the bear market.

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