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What is Bears Deluxe NFT? [All You Need to Know 2023]

Pixel art lovers will certainly rejoice to know that a new NFT collection features this style with Bears Deluxe NFT. With good performance in its floor price and sales data, the project seems genuinely interesting. We’re here to learn more about these retro art-styled bears and if they’re worth a look. Tune in and continue reading below!

About Bears Deluxe NFT

Bears Deluxe Avatar # 3297

Bears Deluxe is an NFT project by a duo called “PixelKnight” and “PixelMage.” Their collection of NFTs is stored and powered by the Ethereum network.

Its website further states:

“Bears Deluxe is a collection of 6,900 (nice) algorithmically generated pixel bear NFTs living on the Ethereum network.

Bees Deluxe is a collection of 20,700 (nice) algorithmically generated pixel bee NFTs living on the Ethereum network

Honey Hives Deluxe is a collection of 6,900 (nice) animated NFTs living on the Ethereum network.”

You can learn more about the latest news about the ongoing project via Twitter and Discord.

Bears Deluxe NFT Roadmap

The developers have drawn out a three-phase roadmap which it has already accomplished as of this writing. The three phases are as follows:

Phase 1-1 (The Hive)

Creation of alpha channels within the official Discord server. It features three channels namely Gold Club Deluxe (a think-tank for high-quality emerging projects), Honey Hideout (owners with 5 or more bears can join here), and lastly, The Alpha Lounge (all BD holders can hold discussions here).

Phase 1-2 (Smart Contract Migration)

Changing the ERC-1155 contract to ERC-721. The ERC-721 has 6 additional custom contracts deployed on 11/22/2021. Bears can now be migrated to the newer smart contract

Phase 1-3 (The Honey Farm)

$HONEYD, Hives Deluxe, and BD now operate in a unified system called “The Honey Farm.”


Further development of the Hungry Bear Game and metaverse.

Bears Deluxe Utility?

There’s a total supply of around 6,900 nice bear tokens stored and powered by the Ethereum network. The NFT project has an extra utility feature embedded in its collection.

Each avatar from every collection may earn a corresponding amount of tokens. A Bears Deluxe NFT may earn 1 $HONEYD per day, for example. When you accumulate a certain amount of tokens, you may mint other NFTs too. Just make sure to have a wallet to store data and the tokens.

The Creators of Bears Deluxe

The team behind Bears Deluxe comprises an anonymous duo operating using their aliases. “PixelMage” is one of its creators. He is a lead developer, artist, designer, and musician by trade.

Meanwhile, the second half of this team is “PixelKnight.” Apart from being the Co-creator of the Bears Deluxe collection, he also is its developer and artist. He mentions in his profile that he is also a producer and DJ.

They also feature a “Council of Bears” that features 3 key users namely “xJules,” “UncleBeard.ETH,” and “Waxl.”

When to Mint Bears Deluxe NFT?

You can mint a Bears Deluxe token of your choice from a third-party platform like OpenSea. At present, there are 6,900 (nice) tokens on hand. At present, one of the most expensive tokens is Bears Deluxe #2802 which holds rare qualities. Its current price is ETH 420 or US$1.48 million.

Where to Buy Bears Deluxe?

OpenSea handles most of the sales of the Bears Deluxe collection. It’s the largest NFT marketplace as of late with thousands within the platform. At present, you can auction and trade 6,900 (nice) Bears Deluxe tokens with its current floor price of ETH 0.57.

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts

With the Hungry Bear game and Honey Hives in development, plus a stable floor price and sales on platforms, we think that the NFT collection will fare well in an ultra-competitive NFT market.

We can’t wait to learn and hear news about its latest sales options and what else Bears Deluxe NFT will bring to the Ethereum network.


Adrina is a fitness and tech enthusiast currently exploring the wonders of blockchain development and NFTs. Between covering tech stories and the latest NFT drops, she enjoys working on her CrossFit journey.

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