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What is Checks – VV Edition? [All You Need to Know 2023]

In the ever-expanding world of NFT, inspiration has been drawn from various forms of entertainment, lifestyle, and personalities.

One of the most fascinating and innovative projects in the NFT space is Checks – VV Edition, created by Jack Butcher, a renowned designer and artist.

Checks is a project that explores the concept of status and scarcity in the digital world, using the Twitter verification checkmark as a symbol of social capital and influence.

Ready to find out what actually makes this NFT project so popular?

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About Checks – VV Edition

Checks – VV Edition is a collection of NFTs created and inspired by the blue verified checkmark on Twitter. The collection consists of 80 checkmarks arranged in different patterns and colors, representing the concept of a semi-perfect number.

The collection also has a burn mechanism, which allows holders to burn two NFTs of the same edition to receive a smaller edition NFT until they reach the smallest edition of one checkmark.

The intent of the collection is to capture a moment in X’s history when checkmarks signified a status to the community rather than just a simple $8 pay-to-be-verified status.

About X’s CheckMark

The inspiration for the Checks-VV Edition NFT collection came from the X checkmark, which was a symbol of verification and status on the social media platform.

The checkmark was originally used to identify authentic accounts of public figures, celebrities, and organizations, but it became a coveted badge of honor and influence for many users.

However, in 2023, X discontinued its verification program and replaced the checkmark with a blue badge that indicated a subscription to X Blue, a premium service that offered extra features. The blue badge did not imply any endorsement or verification by X, and it could be removed at any time without notice.

Checks – VV Edition Roadmap

Jack Butcher has specifically planned out his roadmap for the project.

The NFT project has a burn mechanism that allows holders to burn two originals of the same edition to get the next smallest edition original.

Moving forward, the editions are planned to be based on the semiperfect number 80, which means that some of the factors of 80 (excluding 80 itself) add up to 80.

The factors are 40, 20, 10, 5, 4, and 1. So, for example, if you have two 80-check NFTs, you can burn them both and receive a 40-check NFT.

The project is still a work in progress, and the team is working on adding more layers of iterations and interactivity to create a unique and engaging experience for the community.

Checks – VV Edition NFT Utility?

The utility of the Checks – VV Edition NFTs is mainly based on the burn mechanism and the access to exclusive content, events, and opportunities within the Checks ecosystem.

The ultimate goal is to obtain a single-colored checkmark NFT, which is the most scarce and desirable edition

The edition is also 100% utility-based, meaning that it can be used as a profile picture, wallpaper, sticker, or anything else that the holder desires.

The Creators of Checks – VV Edition NFT

The creators of Checks NFT are Jack Butcher and his team at Visualize Value, a platform that creates and sells digital products and content.

Jack Butcher is a former advertising professional and a renowned designer and artist who has been involved in the NFT space since 2021. He created the Checks – VV Edition NFT collection as a commentary on the value and meaning of checkmarks in the digital age and as a tribute to X (formerly Twitter).

When to Mint Checks – VV Edition?

The Checks – VV Edition NFT collection was minted out on January 4th, 2023, after a 24-hour open mint period that started on January 3rd, 2023. The minting price was $8 per NFT, which was equivalent to 0.002 ETH at the time.

The current floor price of the Checks – VV Edition NFT collection is 0.419 ETH.

Where to Buy Checks – VV Edition NFT?

You can buy Check-VV Edition on secondary NFT marketplaces such as X2Y2, Blur, Opensea, Binance NFT Marketplace, and Rarible.

As of the time of writing, its total trading volume is 56,568 ETH and only 1% of the collection has been listed for sale on various marketplaces which shows that it’s of intricate value to the community.

gmBlockchain’s Thoughts

Hope you found the review helpful.

To fully understand the recollection, here are links related to the collection and its creators:

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