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Forbes And Rarible Launch Web3 Art Contest To Celebrate Emerging Artists

To celebrate emerging artists in the web3 space, Forbes, the business-focused media company has joined forces to launch a Web3 art contest with Rarible, the NFT marketplace.

The contest will offer prizes in the form of MATIC tokens, digital collectibles, and features on Forbes and Rarible platforms.

The Web3 art contest is open to any up-and-coming artist who considers themselves part of the Web3 community. The only requirement is that the artwork submitted has not been minted before.

Also, the contest will accept submissions until January 19th, 5PM ET, through this form.

According to Forbes, the contest’s main goal is to provide a platform for emerging artists and highlight their unique contributions in the evolving landscape of digital creativity.

“Our collaboration with Rarible aims at recognizing these emerging artists and highlighting their unique contributions in the evolving landscape of digital creativity,” said Forbes’ CGO Taha Ahmed.

“The artistry, creativity and storytelling capabilities of Web3 creators deserve a place on the global stage and we’re excited to provide it.”

The top 10 winners will each receive 1,000 MATIC tokens, which are the native currency of the Polygon network, which as of writing is equivalent to $1.

The top 10 winners will also have their artwork minted on Rarible as Open Editions, meaning that anyone can buy a copy of their artwork for 2 MATIC tokens each.

The artists will receive the proceeds from the sales of their artwork, in addition to the grant prize.

The top 3 winners will also be featured on Forbes’ publication and Rarible’s homepage, gaining exposure and recognition from a global audience.

Also, one lucky winner will also have their artwork featured on a digital ticket for NFT.NYC 2024, a major NFT event that will take place in New York City.

The Web3 art contest is part of Forbes’ and Rarible’s efforts to support and empower the Web3 creative community

Alex Salnikov, Rarible’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, said in a blog post:

“We are thrilled to partner with Forbes for this Web3 art contest, which aligns with our mission of building a community-owned marketplace that empowers Web3 creators and collectors. We look forward to seeing the submissions and rewarding the winners with MATIC grants, digital collectibles, and features on our platforms.”

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